6 Hacks to Help You Burn More Fat

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6 Hacks to Help You Burn More Fat

5. Using Supersets and Giant Sets

Time efficiency depends on the way you perform your exercises. Some of the best ways to burn calories in a short period of time is to use supersets during which your body increases the production of lactic acid. While exercising you build muscles and the more muscles you have, the more fat you burn during workouts. When your body produces lactic acid, it activates GH (growth hormone). This hormone is responsible for muscle building and fat loss. Giant sets are fantastic for activating your lagging muscles. This is how you “wake” muscles into developing by forcing more blood into some certain area and helps deliver amino acids to a certain muscle group. This boosts the healing process and restores ripped muscles. As a result, your muscles develop and grow. Intensive giant sets speed up your metabolism. Your body burns a lot of calories and fat. Experts recommend you should try a bodyweight workout to feel the difference. Workout plans that include machines are less efficient since they isolate muscle groups and focus on bulking the muscles. On the contrary, bodyweight exercises make you use your entire body for stabilization. All of the above burns fat and strengthens your body from head to toe.

6 Hacks to Help You Burn More Fat Using Supersets and Giant Sets

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