4 Worst Post-Workout Foods

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4 Worst Post-Workout Foods

Avoid the following four foods after your workout session and you will never experience any kind of discomfort or health issues.

Opt for the right foods if you want to enhance the effect of your exercise. Exclude the foods mentioned above and make your post-workout menu healthier.

1. Energy bars
How healthy your workout diet is depends on you. Do not let advertisements and commercial misguide you. Their mission is to make money – that’s their business and they will always try to do all possible to make you pay for what the food industry offers you. Read the labels and do not buy foods that are useless. Nevertheless, some certain brands of energy bars are good. The only thing you should keep in mind is that they have to be consumed before your workout. Do not eat them after you are finished with your exercise. Energy bars stimulate fat production and slow down metabolism if eaten after working out. So, rule number one: eat your energy bar before you step on the treadmill and burn the calories that the bar contained.

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