6 Foods to Keep Away from After the Gym

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6 Foods to Keep Away from After the Gym

Be smart and make your workout result more visible by opting for the right foods. Keep away from products that do harm rather than good to your body.

1. Crisps

Be careful when choosing snacks. Most of them contain too much salt. Sometimes you might feel like eating some food with high levels of salt. This usually happens after intensive exercise. You perspire and sweat salt out of your body during a workout session. Salt lowers the levels of potassium and, as we all know, the latter is necessary to help you to recover. After workout, opt for foods that increase the level of this element. Vegetable juice cocktail, yogurt and lean turkey breast are excellent sources of potassium. Eat them instead of crisps and salty nuts. Just do not add salt to the food!

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