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Even if we keep silent, our bodies speak for us and tell others how we feel and what we think. You can be misunderstood if you do not follow some certain rules. Here is a list of the most common body language mistakes.

It’s time each of us tried to show the world how creative and talented we are. There are no people without special skills. To find out what they are, one should do the following five things.

The most wonderful and magic time of the year is Christmas. This is when we feel kids again. Christmas can be celebrated in a different way every year.

Most supermarket use special traps that help them earn more money. The problem is that these traps exist for you. Once you get into one of them, your wallet gets slimmer.

Pregnant women should take better care of themselves. Now they are expecting a baby and all they both need is some peace and quiet. Practice the following four tips and your pregnancy will be healthier.

Stay active without going to the gym and paying for your membership. You can keep in shape without monotonous workout sessions.

We would love to share a few cool tips. Use them whenever you visit foreign countries. Wherever you go, they will be of great use to avid travellers.

Scary and fun – isn’t it a weird combination? When would it be appropriate? Of course it is great if we are talking about Halloween. That’s one of the strangest holidays out there.

Are you having busy days at work? Thousands of people wake up early hours in the morning, skip their breakfasts, drink a cup of coffee and run to their offices.

India can offer so much! Its climate, culture, cuisine, traditions and history have attracted millions of tourists from around the globe. Its beaches are not less impressive. Check out the following destinations:

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