Are you having busy days at work? Thousands of people wake up early hours in the morning, skip their breakfasts, drink a cup of coffee and run to their offices.

India can offer so much! Its climate, culture, cuisine, traditions and history have attracted millions of tourists from around the globe. Its beaches are not less impressive. Check out the following destinations:

Live life to the fullest! Make it full of new sensations and experiences. You are soon to be 30? Then look through the list of things you should do before you celebrate your birthday.

How about some unusual dining experience? Believe us, even if you have tasted hundreds of foods and dozens of cuisines, there is still lots left to explore and discover.

The bike is one of the greatest inventions. It’s fun to go for a ride for both kids and adults. Now let’s see what cities are there for you to enjoy your bike rides!

Have a list of foods that you should keep outside of the fridge if you want them to taste good.

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