5 Best Cities For People Who Enjoy Riding Bikes

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5 Best Cities For People Who Enjoy Riding Bikes

The bike is one of the greatest inventions. It’s fun to go for a ride for both kids and adults. Now let’s see what cities are there for you to enjoy your bike rides!

1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a very bike friendly city. The authorities support all sorts of sports, biking being one of them. Currently, there are over 600 km of bicycle paths in the city. The infrastructure itself is designed in a way allowing citizens to ride bikes. People living in Berlin do not mind riding to work or shop – they love it and enjoy it a lot. Approximately 500,000 people own bikes or rent bikes. “Call a bike” is a public bicycle sharing system. It truly does wonders – thanks to it bicycling has become easy and accessible. The best part of the plan is that the individual does not need to look for a special place to park, rent or return the bike. You simply stop, get off the bike and lock it to fixed object. Then you dial a number and receive a 4-digit code. Use it to lock or unlock the bike. A smartphone app has been recently developed to make the process even easier – the global positioning system (GPS) can track where the bike is located. According to statistics, the percentage of men who cycle is equal to the percentage of women who adore it as well. The age of those who prefer their bikes to the public transport or private cars ranges from 12 to 70. As you can see, there is no definite age group to mention.

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