5 Surreal Restaurants in the World

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5 Surreal Restaurants in the World

How about some unusual dining experience? Believe us, even if you have tasted hundreds of foods and dozens of cuisines, there is still lots left to explore and discover.

You can have a meal in a place that is different from all those you’ve already been to.

1. The Dome at Lebua, Bangkok

Climb up the Lebua State Tower and you will find yourself at the Dome. The restaurant built on top of the tower serves delicious meals, offers outstanding service and fantastic scenery. Have a seat close to the clouds and order something delicious from the restaurant’s generous menu. Let Glenn Eastman, who is working there as the Executive Chef, spoil you with his inventions. His hobby is making his guests happy. One of the drinks to taste is the Dome Mojito made with the best rum.

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