6 Least Affordable Handbags in 2017

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4. Louis Vuitton: Urban Satchel around $150,000

Would you like to get a bag that is colorful and looks as if it just now survived a really bad train wreck? Then we insist you should buy the Urban satchel from Louis Vuitton. You have already noticed how many exclusive and extremely expensive bags this fashion house manufactures. Well, as long as there are crazy people ready to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars, designers will keep working for them. The satchel is unique. It’s a hand-made piece and has an interesting shape with plenty of curious charms like tea bags, cigarette packs, bottles and wrappers. Call it art or something tasteless, you will be right anyways.

6 Least Affordable Handbags in 2017 Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel
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