5 Reasons Why Your Passion Should Turn into Friendship

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5 Reasons Why Your Passion Should Turn into Friendship

The man you are dating might not be the person you want in your life. Be realistic and see whether the man is worth your precious time and attention. Is he as sincere as you? Do not invest you time, feelings and emotions into someone who is not ready to do the same for you.

Here are a few reasons why you might turn your passion into friendship:

1. It’s easy for him to reach you, but it is too difficult for you to reach him. Women want to believe that the men they are dating are focused on them only. Do not lie to yourself and see how easy it is for you to reach your beloved. If your phone calls are never returned, then think of the reasons why this might be happening. Being clingy is humiliating for both, but if you really need the person and whenever you contact him you receive no response, then there is definitely some sort of problem. Chasing is not your job. You are a woman and you are not supposed to woo men to get their attention. Respect yourself and do not let anyone think that you are more interested in them than they are interested in you. Your time is more valuable than someone who does not care about you.

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