5 Harmful Things People Do to Their Kidneys

5 Harmful Things People Do to Their Kidneys

Kidneys are vitally important. These organs should function well to keep us healthy. Their mission is to keep us alive. If one of the two kidneys is damaged, the patient might need a kidney transplant.

If something happens to both kidneys, then the individual dies. 

1. Too Much of Over-The-Counter Pain Pills

Wait and think well before you reach for the pain pills next time you have a headache. If the pain is not unbearable, then you should refrain from taking pain killers. Kidney failure may not occur if you use pain medication occasionally. However, if this is your common practice, then it is a bad habit you need to get rid of as soon as possible. Use natural treatment like herb teas and breathing techniques to relief the pain. Use pain medication only if the case is urgent and there is no other way to resolve the issue. Special treatment is applied in cases of chronic pains. Consult your doctor for advice.

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